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Huge jobs in telecom during lockdown

Huge jobs in telecom during lockdown : I am not a little excited while writing this article because many people have lost their jobs in the telecom sector, and some are losing during lockdown and some will lose after lockdown. This site is entirely dedicated to telecom friends, so no fake articles have been written on this site. 

On one hand there are no jobs in the telecom sector and on the other side it is being told that there is a huge amount of jobs available in the telecom sector but the needy people are not getting jobs, even those who are in jobs are being fired. On the jobs portal and social media a huge amount of jobs are being posted but no needy are getting jobs. Are only resumes being collected? Or are being played with emotions of telecom engineers?
Huge jobs in telecom during lockdown

Massive telecom jobs on social media

Today I have tried to know better about telecom jobs on social media, which I am sharing with all of you. Looking on social media, it seems that the lockdown in the country has ended and most of the jobs are only in the telecom sector.

Now only God knows what is the reality, because needy engineers express their interest in that job, then only they are asked to send resumes. There is no answer after sending a resume, nor is there any right answer on the call.

Yes... one more thing to tell that this has been seen only in India, means most Indians have posted telecom jobs on social media. First I am attaching the post of needy telecom people below-
Request of Telecom Jobs and Jobs

Another needy person has posted their needs on social media, which is attached below. By the way, there are many jobs needy people in the telecom sector, and many people have posted a request for jobs but it is not fair to attach all.
Telecom jobs needy

A huge amount of jobs have been posted on the telecom jobs portal and on social media, if such a huge amount of jobs are available then why are people fired? Telecom engineers are forced to leave their sector and do other jobs, Then why are they not getting jobs? 

Many telecom engineers are unable to afford their family, some fighting against problems but no job prospects. I do not say that all the jobs' posted on jobs portal or on social media are fake, but I am sure that all are outsourced jobs.

It is a labor-intensive job in the telecom sector which is outsourced and will be removed from the job in 3-6 months as soon as the work is over. Did you study so much to do a such type of jobs?

Telecom jobs on social media

There are a lot of jobs available in the telecom sector on social media, it seems to me that all the telecom engineers will get jobs in lockdown. If you are from the telecom sector and have no jobs, then you can contact the people below for jobs.

You can also try yourself whether these jobs which are on social media are right or wrong. technopediasite is a good thinker of his friends and wants you to get a good job and you will always be happy. You can contact below person for the given jobs.
Jobs in telecom sector

Another friend has posted his requirement on social media, you can contact the address given below and ask about this job. If there is a real job available and you are fit to get that job then you will definitely get help.
Huge jobs in telecom sector

Although a large number of jobs have been posted on social media, but I am attaching only certain posts. My only effort is that if any needy fulfills their need from this article, then my life will become meaningful. See the details of the jobs below and contact for the job-
telecom jobs

For those engineers who have worked in the BTS installation, the job of the BTS installation is given below, you can get information by contacting the address given below. Let me tell you that these days a lot of jobs are also being made available through social media, so it is not right to doubt-
BTS installation jobs

There is a telecom vendor who needs a team, you can call them and get complete information about jobs. Do not hesitate to contact anyone for a job, you can get the job anytime anywhere.
telecom vendor jobs

Last Word

Friends, I hope this article helps you in finding a job. It is true that getting employment in this lockdown is a very important issue, but if social media is to be believed then there is a huge amount of jobs available in the telecom sector. Therefore, to help my telecom friends, I have written this article “Huge jobs in telecom during lockdown”. May god save you trouble and keep you happy.

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