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What if NRC applies in India

What if NRC applies in India : does not publish such articles on its site, but NRC in India have become like a cancer disease,who is neither recovering nor finding the solution. The people of India have been on the road in the NRC's protest for almost a month, eating sticks from the police.Neither the government has a solution nor does the public want to step back.

Especially Muslims of India are very afraid of NRC, but it is not only that NRC is only for the Muslims of India. The NRC is for all religions of India, as happened NRC in Assam, in which the name of 1.9 million people in the NRC list.Of the 1.9 million people, about 1.5 million are Hindu in the NRC list and only 0.4 million Muslims. According to a report, the Government of India has spent Rs 1600 crore to apply NRC in Assam and the public has spent Rs 8000 crores. Suppose what happens if NRC applies in the whole country?

What if NRC applies in India a detail view
NRC in India

If NRC applies in the whole country

If NRC is applied all over India, then you cannot even imagine how long line will be. The country will remain busy for months. For years people who have been living away from their village or city will come to their village or city to take their home and land records. Government officers will also change the ownership record of the land by taking bribe. Property disputes will come up on a very large scale. There will also be bloodshed on a very large scale.

Nobody will allow their property to belong to anyone so easily.One thing not to be forgotten is that no one can prove his citizenship by showing his Aadhar card, PAN card or passport.Those who are understanding that under the NRC, the government employee will come to your house and ask you for proof of citizenship, get it out of your mind. Hey innocent people of India... it will be your responsibility to prove your citizenship, not the Indian government, you will have to prove your citizenship yourself.

Apart from all these, from where citizenship can be proved, he will have to stay for the weeks or months.The entire people of India will leave their work and jobs and start proving their citizenship, due to which there will be a lot of loss of both government and private sector.You cannot even imagine what will happen to the country.

It is not to be forgotten that the government of India had to spend 1600 crore rupees to apply NRC only in Assam.And the people of Assam had to spend 8000 crores rupees, then how much will it cost to apply NRC in the whole country?Never forget where India's economic status will reach.

Demonetization brought to fad and the hasty GST has made the condition of the country very bad.Every people of India is troubled, unhappy, unemployed.There is only Hindu-Muslim politics and hatred talk in the country. After India's independence, no one would have seen such a condition of India.

If NRC is applied in the whole country, except some intruders only the genuine people will be troubled. People of Sri Lankan, Nepalese and Bhutanies origins who have been crossing over from this side to that for centuries will have to sweat their teeth to prove their citizenship. It is obvious that most of these are Hindus, a large population in India is Adivasi. They will also have a lot of difficulty in proving their citizenship.

There are many people in India who do not pass their lives in one place, they keep changing their home and hideouts which are also called BANJARA. Banjara has a very large population in India, who cannot prove their citizenship because they do not carry any documents.

A large population of India lives in the forest area.If the people living in the forest area are not able to prove their possession under the law of the forest area then what will they prove citizenship?People living in mountainous areas and forest areas, Banjara community, elderly living alone, orphans, destitute women,disabilities and there are many other types of people, how will all these people prove their citizenship?

Due to the NRC, some people will become very rich because many types of brokers will born those brokers will take a lot of money from people and when their name is in NRC list, due to the bribe paid they will suicide. Those who have the money, despite being not citizens, will make fake documents but those who will not have money and genuine citizen of India what he will do? Remember, those people will face more problem who will be the Genuine and poor Citizen of India.

And yes I am forgetting to tell the real thing...Detention centers will be made for those who will unable to prove their citizenship, for which the country will have to spend billions of rupees. Billions rupees will have to be spent to build and operate the detention center. Overall, the economic, political, social situation of the country will be very bad, maybe country India will go back 100 years. If you understood, then it is a good thing, if you love India, then spread this message to others. India will always be grateful to you.

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  1. This is not the time to write posts. Now it's time for everyone to get out of the house and raise their voice for their rights

    1. How will people get out of the house? To get out of the house, people have to first be aware, for which it is also necessary to write a post.