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Why is it important to clean connectors?

Why is it important to clean connectors : In this article I want to focus on why it is important to clean the optical connector properly. Often Splicers and field engineer do not attach much importance to this and somehow connect the optical connector to the equipment, due to which the connector of the equipment is also corrupted/dusty and it becomes very difficult to eliminate the spam loss. Having a dusty connector in the telecom network is also a special issue, so I have considered it appropriate to prepare the article in this regard.
Splicing of optical fiber pairs, connecting the ODF by connectors or connectors used for the equipment, it all is very important to be clean. Optical losses are often not caught easily if you have made the slightest mistake in cleaning the connector. Now I am going to tell what could be the problem if the connector is not cleaned properly.
Why is it important to clean connectors
Optical Connector

Why is it important to clean connectors

One of the first tasks to perform when designing fiber-optic networks is to evaluate the acceptable budget loss in order to create an installation that will meet the design requirements. To adequately characterize the budget loss, the following key parameters are generally considered:

⏩ transmitter – launch power, temperature and aging
⏩ fiber connections – connectors and splices’ quality
⏩ cable – fiber loss and temperature effects
⏩ receiver – detector sensitivity
⏩ others – safety margin and repairs

When one of the above variables fails to meet specifications, network performance can be affected; in worst case scenario, degradation can lead to network failure. Unfortunately, not all variables can be controlled with ease during the deployment of the network or the maintenance stage; however, one component that is often overlooked is the connector, sometimes overused (test jumpers). This can be controlled using the proper procedure.


A single dust particle mated into the core of optical fiber can cause significant back reflection (also known as return loss), insertion loss, and equipment damage. Visual inspection is the only way to determine if the fiber connectors are really clean.

By following a simple practice of active visual inspection and cleaning, poor optical Performance and potential equipment damage can be avoided.

Since many of the contaminants are too small to be seen with the naked eye, it is important that every fiber connector is inspected with a microscope before a connection is made. These fiber inspection scopes are designed to magnify and display the critical portion of the ferrule where the connection will occur.

Optical return loss due to dirty connector

Due to very minor faults inside the optical fiber, cause the high return loss in the optical fiber. A dirty connector is one such source. Even a smallest dust particle on a 5 micron single-mode core can end up blocking the optical signal, resulting in signal loss.

Poorly Mated Connector

If a connector is not fully fitted, the resulting air gap between the connector end faces will result in a higher Return Loss at that point. In this case, Insertion Loss may decrease and signal fidelity may still be good.

However, this would be a source of concern as this loose connection is now a potential source of failure, as it may be incorrect or completely disconnected while in service.

Last Word

You must have understood through this article how important it is to clean optical connector.It is more important than working in optical network that even small work should be taken care of so that completed work done does not cause problems.Cleaning the connector in the optical network is also a very minor task.But not cleaning the connector can cause a lot of trouble.

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