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Mobile Towers in Residential : Invites You to Death

Mobile Towers in Residential : I have been trying to write an article on this topic for a long time but could not write any reason. There has always been a question in our society about the installation of mobile towers in residential, whether it is harmful to health or not? Are mobile towers distributing disease to humans in residential areas? We will discuss how right and wrong it is.

Protests have also been held in many places regarding the installation of mobile towers in residential areas. So are the opponents right or do they lack information towards mobile towers. We all know that there is a lot of radiation from mobile and mobile towers and such radiation can never be beneficial for our body.Now we will talk further about what kind of radiation happens from mobile or mobile towers.
effect of mobile towers in residential area
Effect of mobile towers in residential area

Electromagnetic wave radiation from mobile towers

Dangerous Electromagnetic waves emanating from mobile towers cause cancer for humans in residential area, this radiation also affects animals. This is the reason that in the area where the number of mobile towers is more, the number of birds decreases. It is 100% true that this is the reason why bees are eliminated in rural areas.

The truth cannot be denied that today people are surrounded by radiation. Numerous researches have also been done to prove that the effect of radiation from mobile phones and mobile phone towers affects DNA.

Researches have also proved that creatures like butterflies have disappeared from cities due to increasing radiation. However, hardly anyone would think too much about the danger of radiation from devices used in everyday life.

It is true that the importance of mobile phones has increased a lot due to the importance of being outside all the time and communicating with people. The devices we use everyday are all electric fields and radioactive.

Washing machines, dish washers, vacuum cleaners, laptops, simple-looking hair dryers,it all  emit electric magnetic waves. It is different that there is not much DNA change using one device.

But we can faces serious dangers due to these waves. The growth of cells and tissues is affected due to radiation and the most impact is on pregnant women, newborns and growing children.

In the current lifestyle, the use of mobile phones has increased a bit. Not only the youth but also the elderly have become very fond of mobile. Along with being a means of mobile phone convenience, there is a danger bell.

A recent research has revealed that radiation emanating from mobile phones and mobile towers is dangerous for human health. Scientists say that the radiation emanating from the phone has a very bad effect on the human brain.

How much harmful mobile towers radiation

It has already been proved that radiation from mobile phones and mobile towers can cause cancer. Cancer spreads through this radiation in people.

A recent survey conducted by Henry Lai of the University of Washington showed that radiation of radio waves damaged the brains of the mice on which this research was done.

How deadly is electromagnetic radiation

Under the influence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), the protein present in body fat rapidly decreases and amino acids increase rapidly.

This has been revealed in this latest research. Due to this radiation, glucose and uric acid in the body increases very rapidly.

Recent research on the EMR effect has also found that the chemical present in our nervous system also changes rapidly.

Which area of ​​the mobile tower has the highest radiation

According to experts, the maximum radiation occurs in the 300 meter area of ​​the mobile tower. The largest waves emit in the front of the antennas. Obviously, the damage is also greater on the front side.

In the damage caused by the mobile tower, it also matters whether the house is in front of or behind the antenna of the tower. There is 100 times more radiation in one meter area of ​​the tower. The more antennas are mounted on the tower, the higher the radiation.

Diseases due to radiation of mobile towers

Have already discussed that radiation from mobile towers is spreading diseases like cancer in humans very fast. But apart from this, there are many diseases which are being caused in human beings by mobile towers radiation. I would like to write the names of those diseases below-

Fatigue - Always feeling tired and weak
Insomnia - Sleeping incomplete even if you fall asleep or sleepy
Depression - Always feeling uncomfortable, mentally disturb. 
Distracting - Lack of concentration, memory loss
Irritability - Angry over trivial matters
Dizziness - Sudden feeling dizziness and weakness
Memory loss - Forget about something soon,Decreased memory
Headache  - Always feeling light headache and sometimes fast.
Heart rate increases - Heart beat rate increases suddenly.
Effect on digestion - Disturbing digestion system every two to four days.
Increased risk of cancer - Fall ill due to cancer.
Brain tumor - Some kind of wound in the brain
Sexual power - Decrease the sexual power

Records Tell Us

➤In 2010, a WHO research revealed that mobile radiation is prone to cancer.

➤Scientists in Hungary found that the number of sperm used by those who used cell phones too was reduced.

➤According to research conducted in Germany, the chances of cancer among those who were living in the area of ​​400 meters of transmitter antenna increased three times. Transmission in an area of ​​400 meters is 100 times more than the rest of the area.

➤According to a research conducted in Kerala, India, commercial population of bees has fallen by 60% due to radiation from mobile phone towers.

Below are the rules for installing mobile towers

1.Only one antenna tower can be installed on the roofs.
2.Less than five meters wide lanes will not have towers.
3.There will be no house up to 20 meters in front of the antenna mounted on a tower.
4.The tower must be far from densely populated.
5.The plot where the tower is placed should be empty.
6.The range of radiation emanating from it should be reduced
7.In a sparsely populated building, the tower should be at least five-six storeyed
8.The generator mounted for the tower should be of closed body, so that there is no noise.
9.The building on which the roof is mounted, should not be weak structure.
10.The distance of the house in front of the tower with two antenna is 35 and 75 meter for the twelve antenna is necessary.
11.Mobile companies will have to reduce the radiation emitted from the current towers by 90 percent.

Last Word

Friends, try to avoid radiation from mobile and mobile towers,Also try to keep your house away from the mobile tower.We all know precaution is a big safety. Tell me how did you like my article " Mobile Towers in Residential :  Invites You to Death ".Share your friends and tell them what is the harm from radiation from mobile towers.

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