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UK telecom BT in trouble in 2019

UK telecom BT in trouble: All over the world many companies are in the trouble but I will discuss some companies here.This news is in great detail that the UK BT telecom company is in trouble.The world's mostly telecom companies are in trouble, so many telecom companies have been closed.Let me tell you for the information that BT is a British multinational telecommunications company, headquarter situated in London-UK. It operates in approximately 180 countries and is the largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services in the UK, and it also provides subscriber television and internet services.

BT origins date is approx  1846. Earlier it was a Electric Telegraph Company, means it was the world's first public telegraph company but BT was introduce in 1980 as a telecom brand. But just like the world's others telecom companies,BT is also in trouble. Right now BT provide the services in UK like BT broadband,BT TV, BT sports,BT Mobile and BT Wi-Fi.BT has maintained its position as the leading telecom service provider of local and long distance telephone services in the UK, but has been experiencing increasing competition and its market share going down as the English government continues to deregulate the market. BT has later seen abroad for its future development and is in the process of developing a global telecommunications network for multinational companies.
UK telecom BT in trouble
BT telecom company of UK

UK telecom BT in trouble in 2019

UK telecommunications company BT recently posted a mixed amount of revenue, down two percent in revenues to $ 14.66 billion, although the adjusted income was higher. In November, CEO Gavin Patterson said that the results showed that his recovery plan was working, saying that the company was changing its operating model, it was accelerating the roll-out of the full-fiber network and Customer service was improving.Shake-up was announced in May for addressing an accounting scam and a poor customer service record in BT

But in a year, the shares of the company saw a 30% drop, Patterson's criticism of more than $ 1.26 million in bonuses was criticized by some shareholders. BT has announced that this change will make how this management calculates salary, and Patterson will soon be replaced by by Philip Jansen of Worldpay. Telecom giants are also one of the many European companies, who are facing "BREXIT PREMIUM" in the euro's borrowing cost beyond the withdrawal of the EU.

Problems of BT are increasing day-to-day.Looking at all these problems, it seems that the BT is in trouble. We pray to improve the condition of BT and we want BT to be very strong always in future. Now I will discuss the other telecom company which is in trouble in 2019.

Huawei in trouble: Second-biggest smartphone maker 

China telecom Huawei in trouble in 2019
China Telecom Huawei

Huawei, Chinese consumer technology giant, may be the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but it has staggered due to concerns about the risks associated with its network infrastructure. Unlike other major Chinese tech firms, the company does most of its business overseas.

However, American intelligence agencies claim that its equipment can be "backdoors" for use by government detectives. The US, Australia and New Zealand have already banned 5G networks, other countries have also considered doing so.

Despite the fears of cyber-attacks this year, Huawei is on target to ship 200 million smartphones this year, but the company has recently said that it will pay $ 2 billion on cyberspace in five years to improve its foreign standings. Will invest.

Another threat to trade is in the recent custody of its CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou on alleged bank fraud in connection with violations of US sanctions on Iran. The smartphone manufacturer's shares declined due to arrest.There is still a litigation on the Huawei CFO that has affected Huawei's business.

Facebook in trouble

Facebook social media in trouble
Facebook-Social media

Social media giants Facebook posted the results of mixed third quarter with daily active users and monthly active user estimates, which are lower than analysts expectations - although this was higher than forecast on earnings per share.

But Facebook is still facing ongoing concerns about the spread of privacy and false information. The lawsuit is being filed by the Washington, DC on the Cambridge Anilica scandal and The New York Times reported that it gave some technical firms the chance to use the data more, which he had disclosed.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook has planned to invest a lot in the company in 2019, which includes developing new products like Instagram TV and Facebook Watch. They also said that they knew that cost and revenue match better with time.

But Matthew Scathhelm of Bloomberg Intelligence says that privacy concerns are still roaming Facebook. He said, the real risk of Washington, DC's case was that it could be the first of many states in America.

There are more than 15 such companies in the world that are in trouble. India's Tata Motor and KLM are also included in the trouble in 2019. But it is a matter of great concern that UK Telecom BT is also in trouble in 2019. UK telecom BT will improve or worse, it will not be right to say anything.

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