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Know the inner truth of Reliance Communication bankruptcy

Know the inner truth of Reliance Communication bankruptcy: Reliance Communication was India's number one telecom company, which is going to be bankrupt now. If a company is insolvent, then there is no one day deficiency or malfunction. This is the reason behind the continuous lack of success and this has happened with Reliance Communications.
Today, I will tell the inner truth of Reliance Communication bankruptcy.Reliance Communication was India's first company to free incoming calls. At that time out going call charges was Rs.3.50/Minute in India but Reliance Communications launches his first business plan with a three month free call with mobile phone only Rs.501. SMS was also free.Reliance Communications has stepped up with this plan.Again I want to told you Reliance Communication was India's first company to free incoming calls.
Inner truth of Reliance Communication Bankruptcy
Inner truth of Reliance Communication Ltd. bankruptcy

Truth of Reliance Communication bankruptcy

According to the current news The company has decided to work on the Debt Replacement Plan under the provisions of NCLT. There is no consensus between the lenders. Apart from this, due to various legal challenges Reliance Communication is facing difficulties in settling the debt.

Like this, number one telecom company of India Reliance Communications, Anil Ambani's communications business has reached the brink of bankruptcy.Reliance Communication Limited, the top company in mobile service provider companies, has decided to file bankruptcy.Board of Directors found that even after 18 months, the lenders have not got anything since the plans to sell the properties.

Explaining the reason behind the decision to go to the shelter of NCLT, the company said that there is a complete disagreement in the 40 country and foreign institutions lending to the company.

All of these stories will be known to you, but have you ever wondered why Reliance Communications has reached this position?Why Reliance Communications has failed? What has been the reason behind this?

Inner truth of Reliance Communication bankruptcy

Even today,Reliance Communications have more infrastructure than all others telecom companies.Between 2007-2009, Reliance Communications spent a lot on its infrastructure.There was also a cell site where there was no single customer.New cell site was also installed on the banks of the river and in the jungle.Reliance Communications has not benefited after spending so much.

Security guard removed from all the cell sites,battery bank,rectifier and cables, stolen from the cell site because of which the site always started to down. The cell site door was always open.People in some villages slept inside the cell site.The real purpose of telling of this is that there was lack of maintenance of cell site.

The whole world was becoming a GSM service addict and Reliance Communication focus was on the CDMA network. CDMA network not being given properly, always having a network problem. It was the huge complaints of call dropping and Internet not working properly.Because of which the customers went away from Reliance Communication and Reliance Communication suffered heavy losses.

When Reliance Communications begins to suffer, Reliance Communication was started the terminating the best employee from the jobs.Excluded job attendants were mostly from the lower level who used to work in the field.Managers who have no work, remain in office work.
In the entire office only the manager and team lead positions holders remained and these people started sending fake mail to the head office only to save their jobs.

The second most important reason for the bankruptcy of Reliance Communication is that unskilled management. In the Reliance Communication most of the managers in the cluster area were unskilled. Even so many cluster managers don't know how to write a proper mail. Now you can guess how such a manager works with his team.I'm not writing this thing with any guess, I know the inside of Reliance Communication.

Those employee who worked well in compare of Managers, cluster managers used to make the poor KRA of that employee & arrange to terminate from company very soon.He was always afraid that this new Employee do not become a claimant for my post.This way the maintenance of the cell site in Reliance Communication went bad every day.

Managers demand money from the diesel filler technicians on the cell site.The manager used to say you give me money every month of selling diesel.In this way, the cell site could not get complete diesel and the site often started down.The technician who did not sell diesel,managers used to be disturbed him.

The third very special reason are that Reliance Communications had started using very poor reliable equipment in the network. For example Reliance Communication mostly used Fibcom STM-4 and practically this equipment is not more reliable.

One reason for Reliance Communications being bankrupt is also that Reliance Communications managers used to charge huge amount from contractors working in optical fiber. Reliance Communications manager did not sign the contractor's bill if contractor not giving an illegal amount for this work. In this way, the contractor did not work very well in optical fiber.And the quality of the optical fiber network went down.

Last Words
All of these inner truth of Reliance Communication bankruptcy.But now Reliance Communications nothing can be do, it is certain to be bankrupt.In last I want to say that Telecom Employees should work honestly.Just do not fill your stomach only, even think about who is filling your stomach.Management & low cost equipments are the main factors Reliance Communications bankruptcy.

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