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Precautions taken during the installation of Fiber Optic Cable

Precautions taken during the installation of Fiber Optic Cable: The fiber-optic cable is a high capacity transmission cable whose qualities and characteristics are degraded when the cable is subjected to excessive pulling tensions or to short bending radii.During fiber optic cable pulling we have to take a lot of precautions.If we do not take precautions during cable pulling, then we may get a partial cut or high loss complaint in fiber optic cable.
In FTTH or Access Network generally Fiber optic cables are most often installed in traditional way manually. In FTTH or Access Network, MH/HH generally install at every 300 meters and fiber optic cables have to passes through all the MH/HH. According to company instruction,10 to 20 meter fiber optic cable loop is also required in each MH/HH.If the precautions are not taken during the cable pulling in such type of networks, the possibility of twist and high loses increases in fiber optic cables.
Precautions During Installation of Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Precautions taken during the Fiber Optic Cable Placing

In order to control the number of splices, the reel length sections may be as long as 6000 meters. This will result in many pull-through man-holes and possibility of bi-directional fractional pulls. If excessive tensions apply on fiber optic cable during the cable pulling than it can be occur short bending or internal tube break.

Fiber optic cable is less robust than copper conductor cables, therefore extra care must be taken during handling, storage and placing. Avoid sharp bends, kinking, crushing or excessive tension. These will break the glass fiber necessitating cable replacement.

You have to memorize that Maximum pulling tension - 2 kN and Minimum bending radius - 20 x outside diameter of cable.

Never allow vehicles to pass over the cable during placing or storage.Some technicians do not pay attention during cable pulling and fiber optic cable scattered and tangled towards the road side and the cable gets crushed badly by a car. You have to pay attention during the work.

Prior fiber optic cable placing you have to check the reel and cable have not been damaged in transit. Match as per BOQ the cable type, manufacturer and lengths printed on the sheath and reel tags match each other.The end caps and pulling eyes are properly installed.

Prolonged exposure to solar radiation can degrade the transmission characteristics of the optical fiber. Fiber-optic cable should not be stored in a location where it is subjected to direct sun- light. It is preferable to store the cable indoor, in a dry location away from yard activity.

Fiber Optic Cable Handling

To prevent eye and/or personal injury when trimming the strength members of the fiber cable You have to wear protective safety glasses.Hold the end of the strength member with Pliers to prevent it from flying.

Gloves should be worn when handling fiber optic cable strength members.Under no circumstances should splicing operations be performed on fiber optic cable without the technician having satisfactorily completed an approved training course.

Unterminated optical fiber can emit radiation if the fiber end is coupled with a working laser or light emitting diode (LED).Do not view the fiber end of a cable with an optical instrument until absolute verification is established that the fiber is disconnected from laser of LED source.

To prevent fiber damage, do not bend the light-guide fiber or cable to a radius of less than twenty times the outside diameter (OD) of the fiber/cable.

Safety glasses should be worn at all times while performing the splicing procedure of the fiber cable.

You have to memorize all above precautions during the installation of fiber optic cable.Life is precious than work. Your high attention required during the fiber optic cable installation. Be careful about the bending radius of cable. Sharp bending & kinks not excepted. Never view the fiber end of a cable with an optical instrument until absolute verification is established that the fiber is disconnected from laser of LED source. 

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