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Only an Invention You Can Claim to be a God

you can also claim to be a God
You can claim to be a God

Only an Invention You Can Claim to be a God: Everyone knows that the science has made a lot of progress, science has made such invents that were out of the ordinary man's thinking. Stephen Hawking ended his entire life only this is not God in proving, God is nothing.Stephen Hawking said “I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first.”But he could not stop his death. He believed in an ‘impersonal God'.

But he never tried to how can claim to be a God."Only an invention you can claim to be a God".How would this be possible and what would be the invention for it.Today i'll explain about that invention.It may be impossible, but this is an invention that can make someone God.

Science has made many bombs like Atomic bomb,cobalt bomb,dirty bomb,electromagnetic bomb,hydrogen bomb,neutron bomb,nuclear bomb etc.But all these bombs can damaged only to a particular place.In a few seconds they can not eliminate the whole world.You may be thinking that I am speaking anti social but it is not.I am discussing that how "Only an Invention You Can Claim to be a God".

There are So many Research Institute in this World,This is the desire of everyone,we discover something new for this world and prove that I am super power or I am ahead from others.Will NASA not be in search of this thing as to how we become God?While NASA is ahead of all in making bombs and missiles.

By Which invention You Can Claim to be a God
Science tell us that the world is for a specific time.Science also tells us that one day the time will come when the sun arise from the West and set in the East.I am not saying,NASA has already explained this. When it will happen it would trigger mass earthquakes, rapid climate change, extinctions and global destruction.Why would this be-There will be a very strong sound which will all cause this.It will be so loud that the world will end in a second,The mountain will start flying like cotton, this earth will end. Sun illumination will be very near and due to this hotness earth will became like a metal.

Everyone will die from that strong sound,nothing will be alive on this earth.that will be a climatic sound or natural sound which will be due to a massive change in the climate.With that voice the universe will be completely scattered.How strong a voice that can do all be.

We know that sound is not a force,sound is an energy that move through a medium.We also know that "The entire sound systems, vibrating and forces surrounding air particles into vibrational motion".Humans are generally capable of hearing sounds between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.We all know what happens when you stand too close to an explosion.the explosion also makes a really loud bang, hence a very big concussive sound effect.You can die from the force of sounds waves.

That loud sound can make you a God.If you are able to create such a loud sound by any technology that the whole world can devastated so You Can Claim to be a God. That invented loud sound can destroy whole world & whole universe in a second that sound can make you God of this world.Except sound energy there is no any other energy which can simultaneously destroy the whole universe.If you want to be God of this universe, then try to invent this loud voice.

It is the invention of "sound".That invented sound create a situation that where on men will be like moths scattered about,and the mountains will be like carded wool,destroys this human life on this earth altogether.I hope the science will find such a Sound,and one day inventor will become the God.

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