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Wrong Assumptions of NASA scientist : Earth may have been visited by aliens

A NASA Scientist says Earth may have already been visited by extraterrestrials - but that humans may not have noticed. It is a assumption of Silvano P Colombano, a computer scientist at NASA Ames Research Centre and a professor. NASA Scientist say that Extraterrestrials-What is the Extraterrestrials? Who are the Extraterrestrials?

NASA Scientist says extraterrestrials are the aliens.Further explaining about the aliens that aliens may look vastly different than the expectations that humans have of them - such as being carbon-based organisms - which would allow them to remain undetected. Really very nice assumption or theory given by NASA Scientist. Dear NASA Scientist can you tell us or What in your assumption that from which planet or stars they have been visited to earth??
Earth may have been visited by aliens
Earth may have been visited by aliens
NASA scientist says Earth may have been visited by aliens

While the whole world is engaged in this search that apart from the earth of life, which one other Planet is able to exist the life. So far the search continues but there is no special success.Then how came in the assumption of the NASA Scientist that aliens have been visited earth? other which planet exist the life? from which planet aliens have been visited to earth? 

It is very important question that after all, from where, aliens have been visited to the earth?Now research suggests that there is no life anywhere except earth and there is no proven proof of being a creature on any other planet.Then this thing does not understand how the aliens are mentioned?

Actually the aliens are nothing, it does not exist. Actually they are the Angels. Bible & Quran already proved about the Angels. NASA Scientist already says that "aliens may look vastly different than the expectations that humans have of them" Bible & Quran also tell that Angels are not like human being they are vastly different from human.

NASA Scientist also told that such as being carbon-based organisms - which would allow them to remain undetected. Dear NASA Scientist can you prove that which one carbon-based-organism is undetected? Aliens are microscopic organism that cannot seen by naked eyes? I think this is not a right theory of NASA Scientist. Human body is also a carbon-based-organism.

NASA Scientist also told that “The size of the ‘explorer’ might be that of an extremely tiny super-intelligent entity,” he hypothesised. “If we adopt a new set of assumptions about what forms of higher intelligence and technology we might find, some of those phenomena might fit specific hypotheses, and we could start some serious enquiry.”

Are you satisfied with above statements? Some things out of human understanding.You can create a robot like human, but can you create blood circulation like humans? Bible & Quran says that Angels are NOOR (Natural light)-based-organism means Angels created by natural light & light is unseen things. Angels are the God created organism & they came to earth only to the specified person ( to the messenger of God) deliver the message of God. Means as per Bible & Quran Angles have been visited earth & they still visit to the earth but not seen by human beings.  

Additionally, NASA Scientist Colombano suggests the reasons UFO phenomena may have gone unnoticed or overlooked in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence are because, in addition to assuming a low likelihood of extraterrestrial travel and a high likelihood of hoaxes, the subject is generally avoided by the scientific community.

 "The subject is generally avoided by the scientific community". Why avoided? Because science never ever accept about the Angels. Science can prove that where is the exact location of soul inside the human body.Two oceans meet but do not mix in the Alaska, Scientist search this approx 50 year before but It is already mentioned in Quran approx 15000 year ago. Scientist your search is very behind 

NASA Scientist Colombano also suggests that it is worth re-considering what civilization may actually look like when scanning the universe and “considering further that technological development in our civilisation started only about 10,000 years ago and has seen the rise of scientific methodologies only in the past 500 years” when doing so - as humans may have a “real problem predicting technological evolution even for the next thousand years, let alone six million times that amount.”

It's a matter of all that is worthless and useless. It is the same thing to tell how many stars in the sky.Equally as much as the ass body has hair.If not sure count both....Both impossible.

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  1. Dear Publisher,
    Your English is horrible beyond comprehension. Looks like google-translated text from a Russian church website.
    Claims that Bible and Quran have "proven" existence of angels is the same as claiming this ridiculous and badly written article is a proof of anything other than your narrow mind. You use a name like "technopedia" but you are bashing scientists on entirely religious basis. This is what humanity did during the Dark ages, where smart people were burned alive because stupid people could not allow truth to destroy their precious and comfortably deceiving religion.
    I will dedicate my life to level this website to the ground.
    God bless :D

    1. Dear Friend First I would like to say that you don't believe in any religions. There are very deep relation between science & religions. ok..Can NASA Scientist explain aliens came from which Planet? How NASA Scientist says that Aliens are carbon-based-organism? Can you explain the characteristics of carbon-based-organism?How it possible that human do not see carbon-based-organisms? Leave Bible & Quran..