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What is the origin of the word " Blackmail"
I do not know how suddenly this thing came to my mind about that how born the word blackmail and why it happened. When I started searching about it, I found out what is blackmail, but how did it happen in Origin I did not found. I did not get satisfied answer from any writer. Everyone has written a story of  blackmail but no one has written how blackmail word originated.

An author wrote something like how the word blackmail was born-
The term comes from the crow or the rook, a bird that is black in colour. The Europeans disliked the rook because it came up with cunning ways to steal food. Soon the term ‘rook’ began to be used to refer to a cheat who lived by his wits and took advantage of gullible individuals.

I started to laugh because writer publish the topics that how the word "blackmail was originated, but only they written the story of blackmailing. The other writer has written something like this about the origin of  blackmail word.

One of America’s earliest political sex scandals involved blackmail. In 1791, Alexander Hamilton, then America’s first treasury secretary as well as a married man, became romantically involved with Maria Reynolds, a young woman who claimed she needed money because her husband had abandoned her. When Reynold’s husband, James, reappeared on the scene, he forced Hamilton to pay him in order to keep quiet about the affair.

James Callender subsequently got his hands on the letters and in 1797 published the story of Hamilton’s secret affair, while also charging that his payments to James Reynolds were part of a plot to swindle the government. Hamilton, in turn, published a detailed response in which he admitted to marital infidelity but denied the financial corruption charges. The former treasury secretary, who’d left his post in 1795 to return to practicing law, survived the scandal (and even made it onto the face of the $10 bill) but died in 1804 after being mortally wounded by Aaron Burr in America’s most famous duel

In fact, I am very upset about what the writers' headings write and what the story says inside the detail post. Now I explain how this blackmail word was born and where it was born.

In medieval times, mercenaries and chieftains in Europe used to wear a black suit of armour or mail when they used to collect ‘protection money’ from their people. In return safety from marauders was assured to those who paid. The term is now used for the forcible extortation of money, in return for silence or protection against disclosure of secrets which are detrimental to an individual institution or nation. In this way, it was born in Europe and it was called blackmail. In this way the word "blackmail" was originally generated. Now these questions arise when the word blackmail was born??Actually word blackmail originated around 1522, in the border districts of England and Scotland, where a tribute of money or commodities was exacted by freebooting chiefs, on the owners of cattle, in return for protection from plunder. Now these days from a person threatening to mail another person’s black secrets to other people, this is the blackmail……

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