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Why not study in the evening

Posted By: technopediasite

Always we have listen or study that study in evening times is prohibited but so many person ignore & some people do not believe this argument. Today i will try to provide the complete knowledge on this topic.

One my friend provide his views & benefits about the study in morning times "If you study at morning( you wake-up brush, cup of tea and sat at table for study and in morning no sound to disturb you consider morning time at 4'o clock, its best time to study or to do you starting cause you will have 100% energy and 100% clear mind to start day. And crowd I don'think evening will be time to study. Even when you study at morning in crowd city with huge population you will get silence at morning 4'o clock. And whatever you study will be memories and believe me if you concentrate and study full with enthusiasm you don't need any tuition or coaching class to pass exams. Study hard hope suggestions may improve you life or study and remember wake up at 3:30 or 4:00 and study for 2 and 1/2 hours with full concentration at morning from 04:00 to 06:00 by having 5 mins brake after each 40 mins you will improve and you will see your improvement by your self. Work hard be safe and study a lot and with study play out door games".

But still it is not clear that why not study in the evening time.What is the scientific cause behind it. Is that any radiation in evening time? Sun is going down hence the natural light is decreasing which can strain eyes? Or human body and brain tired in the evening times?

I have study somewhere that "scientifically proved that Human's brain remains more active after 10 am morning and also after 6 pm". Notice that here AFTER 6 PM,6 PM is almost after evening time means after sunset.

I have collected some reason why not study in the evening time but one reason is very important that at the time of sunset natural light is decreasing which can strain eyes & it is very harmful for the human eyes. During evening, our mind is not fresh and very tired, hence most of the things we study we will forget. Evening time is to exercise, walk, play as mentioned by many ancient books .This will re-energize the body and keep you healthy.

Can darkness increase your risk 

According to a new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York, living at higher latitudes, where there is also less sunlight, could result in a higher prevalence rate of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Professor of psychology at Binghamton University, Meredith Coles, said, 'The results of this project are exciting because they provide additional evidence for a new way of thinking about OCD.'

To compile data, Coles and her research team read through many papers that addressed OCD prevalence rates in certain places and then recorded the latitudes of each location.

Individuals with OCD commonly reported not being able to fall asleep until later than desired. Often they slept very late in order to compensate for that lost sleep, thus adopting a delayed sleep-wake pattern that had adverse effects on their symptoms.

'This delayed sleep-wake pattern may reduce exposure to morning light, thereby potentially contributing to a misalignment between our internal biology and the external light-dark cycle,' Coles added.

This misalignment is more prevalent at higher latitudes areas where there is reduced exposure to sunlight which places people living in these locations at an increased risk for the development and worsening of OCD symptoms.

Additionally, the team of researchers hopes that further study exploring exposure to morning light could help develop new treatment recommendations that would benefit individuals with OCD.
So Darkness affects our lives in something like this..How's this post please comment. I will wait your response.

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