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Major Tips For Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunication Industry

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 Major Tips For Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunication Industry

Customer Satisfaction

Previous researches have given significant importance to customer satisfaction. Satisfaction can be defined as a features or characteristics that can full the either a need or want of a consumer in better way than competitors.

Although this satisfaction explained by different researchers in different ways. If a company provides a product according to the requirements of their consumers it will lead the satisfaction of those consumers. The higher or lower satisfaction of a consumer will depends upon the quality of brand characteristics that offered by a company.

This is the consumer satisfaction which contributes for the future money making for a company. For the retention of consumer, it is important to satisfied consumers. The unsatisfied consumers of a company do not take time to switch that brand. Low quality services can also lead dissatisfaction. A low quality service is such type of service which does not fulfill the requirements.

However its all depends upon that which segments a company is targeting and what are their expectations for that product In the study of explain that customer satisfaction is the key factor which is used to measure the company internal and external performances and assigning funds to each and every activity.

Service is a key factor for consumer satisfaction although this is not the only factor which is responsible discuss in their study that customer satisfaction has positive relationship on loyalty. discuss in their study that there are strong relations between satisfaction and loyalty. Describe that affiliation exist between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Also examine that there is certain relationship between satisfaction and loyalty. Customer satisfaction leads customer loyalty.

The Company can generate maximum profit via customer satisfaction. Thus customer satisfaction is momentous in present world to run the business perfectly. Said that “customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless”. The basic component of business success is customer satisfaction. But in Asia no matter of customer satisfactions.

Customer Service
Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. The duties of the customer service staff is to clearly communicate with customers, to manage their problems regarding product or service, to transfer the appropriate information, to analyze the customer need and wants, to inform about new offerings, and to manage the length of the call. Handling customer-complaint effectively leads to customer satisfaction “Customer services always a successful indicator in business”. Customer service is a momentous factor of marketing mix for any product or service. To generate customer loyalty the company should provide high quality customer services.

Price Fairness

Price is an important variable that defines the company’s profit. For having the benefits and usage of any service or product the customer will pay an amount of money which is known as price. Price is also determined by what a buyer is willing to pay, a seller is willing to accept and the competition is allowing to be charged. Price is the key element for customer satisfaction. A good price is the major contributor for satisfaction. Because the monetary cost is the price and in making customer value monetary aspect play a very vital role.

Sales Promotion

According to, sales promotion has a significant impact on consumer’s brand choice, purchase time, and purchase quantity decision. According to sales promotion can be defined as to offer some incentives that can increase consumer demand or to improve the quality of the product. Sales promotion changes and contributions indeed can be identified much easily as compared to traditional advertising and quantified with figures and data [19]. According to [20], sales promotion can affect the consumers’ buying decision such as brand choice and brand switching. In other words, organizations use sales promotion as a tool that can convince customer to purchase any product or service. The purpose of sales promotion is to increase the cellular subscribers therefore cellular companies offer extra free minutes, limited offer to get double balance, free VAS, MMS at low rate etc.


As Communication is all about to get coverage and to stay connected throughout the world. As in urban areas mobile phone coverage is better than rural areas but still some cellular companies cannot provide mobile coverage in some areas. If particular cellular company fail to provide coverage where customer need then it will lead to lack of satisfaction. May be coverage available but more call drop. Mostly telecom companies ignore this type of problem in rural areas.

Signal Strength

An element that can affect the customer satisfaction. The mobile phone is connected with its network via mobile phone signal. The consumer cannot be able to make a call without signal from the particular network. The bad signal can cause voice distortion, call hanging etc.


One of the major elements of marketing mix is promotion. Media plays major role to promote a product in various areas. Sometimes company offer discount packages to increase the sale of any particular product. Promotion is defined as to indicate the “right” product to the target market or other distribution channels It cannot be effective unless it catches the attention of people. 

From the above discussion, the following conclusions can be drawn:

➤ Identifying customer satisfaction is crucial for consumers, firms, and governments.
  Customer satisfaction should not be identified through sales figures or through manufacturers’ beliefs
 regarding product/service quality, but through customers’ feedback.  Customer satisfaction is subjective; therefore, it is not appropriate to treat it as a single-stimulus factor.
 Rather, it should be treated as a multi-stimulus factor.  Determinants of satisfaction should be identified independently of determinants of dissatisfaction. The two differ and the absence of one does not automatically lead to the presence of the other. Based on the discussion and consistent with previous studies, the following three research questions (objectives) have been proposed:
1) What are the major determinants of customer satisfaction?
2) What are the major determinants of customer switching? That is, what may lead customers to switch from one mobile service provider to another?
3) What are the major determinants of customer retention? 

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