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Friday, July 6, 2018

How to fix/repair your corrupt SDcard??

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One of the biggest advantages of using an Android smartphone is the option to expand the storage of your smartphone using an SDcard. But there is also no denial to the fact that SDcards are not very reliable, especially when it comes to long-term usage. Several users often post questions on various online forums asking questions like: My memory card is not reading; I am unable to see the photos stored in my SDcard ...I will try to solve the problem like this.

Many of us too may have faced suxch issues with our Android smartphones. The chances especially go up when one uses the same memory card on different devices. Over a period of time, the SDcard tends to get some bad sectors, which may lead to malfunctioning.

In case you too face/or are facing a similar issue, here’s a ready-to-use guide on how to fix/repair your corrupted SDcard.

Method 1: Rename the SDcard

If your SDcard is not reading properly in your PC, then assigning a new letter name (drive name) to the drive may help.

To assign a new name to the SDcard, follow these steps:
• Insert the SDcard into your PC.
• Right click on ‘This PC’ icon and select ‘Manage’ option.
• Select the ‘Disk Management’ from the left section in the new window that opens.
• Locate your SD card and right-click on that.
• Click on ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’ option and select ‘Change’ option to assign a new drive letter for the SDcard.
Now, unplug your SDcard and re-insert it.

Method 2: Repair your SDcard using your PC and macOS

If the Method 1 doesn't work then you can try repairing the SDcard with the built-in features in Windows and macOS.
For Windows users:
• Open ‘This PC’ and right-click on the SDcard drive.
• Then choose ‘Properties’.
• Inside the ‘Properties’ window, select the ‘Tools’ option.
• Click on ‘Check’ button to scan your SDcards for errors and fix them.

Windows users can also use the ‘Command Prompt’ to check for errors and fix issues found. For this, follow the step below:
Open Command Prompt and type ‘chkdsk’ followed by the drive letter and ‘/f’ for example: ‘chkdsk d: /f’ and to repair add ‘/r’ instead of ‘/f’.

For macOS users:
• Open ‘Disk Utility’ program from the ‘Utilities’ menu.
• Select the SDcard and click on the ‘First Aid’ tab.
• Click the ‘Repair Disk’ button to start the process.

Method 3: Using third-party software

If none of the above methods have worked for you. That means you are still out of luck. At this point, you can use some third-party software like easeUS partition, Recuva, Rescue Pro, etc.
These programs can attempt to fix your card and also help you in recovering the data from the corrupted SDcard.

Method 4: Format the SD Cardmage of mo
If none of the above worked, then the only option left is to format your SDcard. Now one thing to keep in mind here is that formatting the SDcard will delete all your data stored on the card and it is quite difficult to recover anything once the card is formatted.