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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Googlebot : Google's Miraculous SEO

Googlebot - Google's Miraculous SEO : Those who have little knowledge about Google, probably they will not know what is Googlebot, what is the importance of Googlebot or what kind of miraculous work Google does with the help of Googlebot. In today's article, complete information about Googlebot will be given – what is Googlebot and how does it work? We will also try to know its miraculous Crawling function. To get complete information you have to read this article till the end.

I see a cute, smart Wall-E robot when it comes to Googlebot, which is booming on the quest to discover and index knowledge in all corners of the unknown world. You will be surprised to know that Googlebot crawl the content of any website for it to be indexed in the search engine. Without Google Robot, no page of any website will be visible on the search engine. Now let us try to know what is Googlebot?


What is Googlebot?

Actually Googlebot is a type of software, which is also called web crawler software. And this software collects all the web documents to be indexed for Google search engine. This software is also known as Google web crawler.

In simple words we can also say that Googlebot is web crawler software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to create a searchable index for the Google search engine. This is the common name for Google's web crawler. Actually this name is used to refer to two different types of web crawlers- Desktop Crawler and Mobile Crawler. Here a desktop crawler pursuance a user on a computer, and a mobile crawler pursuance a user on a mobile device.

We can also say in this way that this desktop bot of Google is only for Desktop Version. It crawls any webpage as Desktop Version. Mobile Googlebot is for mobile browser only. Mobile googlebot make your website mobile friendly.

I want to tell all of you that the importance of Googlebot is so much that any web page (Blog/Website) cannot be indexed in the search engine unless it has been crawled by Google robots. The bots that crawl the world's websites for Google are called Googlebot.

Bot is a type of software, which is also known as Software Robots or Spider. Googlebot has been developed with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Its main job is to index/crawl all the details present on any web page in the search engine. The King of Search Engines is discussing about Google's Googlebot, by now you all must have known what is the importance of Googlebot.

Google has made different types of Googlebots to index its different Crawl System. This is also know by the name of Googlebot Family. The functions of all GoogleBots are different. You must have seen, whenever you search by typing any keyword in Google, then different Google Menus come in front of you. Such as: - News, games, Shopping, Images, Videos, Maps, Books etc. The works of all these categories are different. Now let us try to know what are the types of Googlebots.

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Types of Googlebot?

Google has developed many bots till now, which do many things for Google Search Result. Below you can see how many types of Googlebot are there and what is the work of all bots. Mainly there are two types of Googlebot which one is mobile crawler and other is desktop crawler, but there are total 9 types of Googlebot which are as follows-

1. Desktop Googlebot 

Google's Desktopbot crawls any web page as a desktop version, so that any result can be shown in the Google search engine and enhances the user experience. This bot crawls web pages only in the desktop.

2. Mobile GoogleBot

In the survey so far, it has been found that the Internet is used more from mobile browsers. Google's Mobilebot works to make any blog mobile friendly, so that the user can help.

3. Image Googlebot

In fact, Google bot does wonders to humans, just like finding a straw from an ocean, whenever you add any image to your blog post, Google's Image Bot copy that image and send for the Google search result indexes and shows the result to the user.

4. Videos Googlebot

Basically, when YouTube videos or video content of other sources is added to the blog post, Google's Videobot crawls it and shows it in all results in addition to Google Videos results.

I would like to tell here that this bot is made for video. It only crawls videos. Videos from youtube or videos from other sources that you use in your content. This bot crawls all those videos and shows them in their search results.

5. News GoogleBot

Suppose that your blog is related to news and you have submitted your blog article to Google News, then whenever the user wants to know about any kind of news and if his post is already published on your news blog then Google's Newsbots your blog post shows in the result.

In other words, you can say in this way that if your website is related to news. Or give information related to any type of news. So you come to Google Newsbot on your website. And whenever you enter a new update. So it comes quickly, crawls this information of yours and shows it in the search result.

6. AdSense Googlebot

The work of Google's AdSensebot is that what type of content is in your blog in any particular post. Accordingly, it shows AdSense on AdSense Approve Blog. The job of Google Adsensebot is to see the ad services. It shows ads according to the article content of the user. Accordingly, advertisements are shown to the user.

7. Adword Googlebot

Adword is Google's Ad Service, which together with Adsense shows ads on the blog. The job of Adword Bot is that the user who has visited this blog, what type of result does he like. Means to say, what is the query of the user most of the time, through the same query shows the advertisement to the user.

8. Book Googlebot

If you have told about a book in your blog post or have given its download link, then through this bot, Google also shows the option of the book in the Google Menu Result through this bot, where you can also show the result.

In other words it can be said that if you are telling about any book in any of your webpage or block post. And giving its download link. So Book googlebot works there. And Google shows in the result.

In this way, Google gets its work done with many types of bots. In the coming time, Googlebot will be further developed, so that User Experience can be improved further. Now I will discuss further how does Googlebot work?

How does Googlebot work?

All search engines have a different Search Console, which we also know by the name of Webmaster tool. In the same way is Google's Search Console tool. Whenever you crawl any page, post or entire website of your blog, Googlebot Family comes in a group on your blog. 

How does Googlebot work

As we told you earlier that Google has made many types of bots, whose functions are different. When this Googlebot comes to your blog, it sees what information is given on this blog.

For example, you requested to index your article in Google Search Console, then all Googlebots come to your blog and they see that in addition to the text in this post, Image, Audio, Videos, Books, Locations, News What Content has been given.

Accordingly, the work that Googlebot does, it copies the data from your blog and stores it in its server. When the entire work of Googlebot is completed, then Googlebot leaves your blog.

After doing all this, the URL of your blog post gets indexed in Google Search Engine. Whenever a user comes to the search result through your Blog Post Keyword, Google shows your content in the search result according to your ranking.

An idea must be taking a turn in your mind that after all how Googlebot does Page Crawl , now we will discuss this topic further.

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How Googlebot does Page Crawl?

So far we have learned that what is Googlebot? How many types and how it works. Let us now understand how Googlebot crawls your webpages i.e. how googlebot works. So whenever you publish a new webpage or a new blog on your website. So the search engine i.e. Google Robot comes to your webpage or blog post. And first reads your Robots.txt file.

If you have given permission to Googlebot to crawl your website, then Google's robot will keep all the information of your website in the index of this search engine. After which you will search by going to that search engine and putting a link to your particular web page, then if your post is showing there. So that post of yours has come in the index of search engine. And if it is not visible then it means that your post has not crawled yet.

When you make your blog public and you want the search engine to crawl which page of yours and which page is not, then you decide for yourself. For such type of task you can use robots.txt file, with the help of this we can control all types of robots. You can also control Googlebot with this.

Before crawling any URL, Googlebot scans the robots.txt file of that blog and determines what permissions I have got to crawl. With the help of other way robots can be controlled using meta tags. In this, Bots sees the Add Meta tag <meta name="Googlebot" content="nofollow" /> on your blog.

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How does Googlebot find web pages?

Does Googlebot find web pages through links, sitemaps and requests? But in reality these are not enough. The general thinking is that submitting the webpage to the search console and putting a sitemap is enough, but maybe these are not enough.
Google search console
Through Sitemap, we can index all our webpages in crawler but page rank is not guaranteed. Page ranking depends on how good the internal linking is in the page and the content. Where and in which directories there is a listing. Listing in Google my business for Page Ranking is also beneficial.

Technical Page Ranking Factors, more than two hundred factors work to do any page. Just like a writer writes a post with the choice of his readers and does SEO of the post, similarly Googlebot optimization is something beyond SEO. It is also necessary for us to see how googlebot reads our page.

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How to do Googlebot Optimization?

Now it is important to know that how do we optimize our site so that googlebot indexes each of our pages. Whenever we create a site and write SEO Friendly post, then we try to index all the pages in the search engine so that they can come in the page ranking. It is also very important to know whether our site is indexed in the search engine or not. If there is an index then which page is the index.

To know whether Google has index or not, type in Google search. Whatever page is indexed will sow.

User Experience Vs Crawler Experience

A question also arises whether to make the post user friendly or crawler friendly? The answer is both. This is a challenging task, but we have to maintain a balance. There are some such things by which we can make our site both user friendly and crawler friendly:

1. Robots.txt : Robots.txt is a text file which is in the root directory of any site. When a crawler crawls a site, it first finds this file. It acts as a kind of guide for the robots.txt file crawler. It tells which contents to index and which not. A lot of care is needed to put it in this file. A small mistake can be damaging to the site.

Before applying this file, you should do a lot of research and after applying you should keep looking at the search result, if there has been any mistake.

2. Sitemap.xml : Sitemap does the work that robots do not file, it tells googlebot about each page and plays an important role in page ranking. Making the sitemap site friendly is also an important task. For this it is necessary to understand the following points:

(a) Only one sitemap should be used.
(b) Not every page should be given high priority.
(c) Remove 404 and 301 pages from Sitemap.
(d) Put the sitemap in Google search console and keep monitoring the crawl.

3. Site Speed: The loading speed of any site plays an important role in page ranking. If the loading speed of the site is slow then neither any visitor nor Googlebot likes it. That is why it is important to keep checking the loading speed of your site.

4. Images: Images also have an important role in page ranking. But it is important to optimize the image before putting images on the site. For this it is necessary to pay attention to these points:

(a) Images file name : give a name of the file.
(b) Images Alt Text : Write post related description of Images.
(c) Structured Data: Indicate the purpose of applying the image.
(d) Image Sitemap: Allows you to apply a separate image sitemap to crawl the Google image.

5. Backlinks: Backlink crawler is very much liked. The more high quality backlinks the site has, the better the crawler gives that site a good page ranking. Backlinks are mainly of two types- Internal Backlink and External Backlink.

The link from one post to another within the site is called internal backlink while the link with any other site is called external link. While linking the site, one thing should be kept in mind that nofollow link should not be used unless it is very important. This type of link is not visible to the crawler.

6. Titles & Meta Description : Nowadays people do not pay attention to it, but the crawler gives importance to Meta Description. It also has an important role in page ranking. This is the fundamental requirement of SEO, which is very important to write correctly. There are some popular rules for writing this, which are important to understand. Meta description is a summary of the entire post in 150-160 words which tells the whole story in few words.

How to Block Googlebot?

If you want Googlebot to not crawl some private pages on your blog in the search engine, then you can block it through robots.txt. Due to which the bot will not be able to index those pages of yours. The example of which is given in the code below-
Googlebot code

If you want to Disallow bots from crawling on your blog, then do this in your robots.txt file User-Agent: * and Disallow:.

Remember one thing, if you publish a post on your blog in a fixed time, then Googlebots makes it index fast in the search engine and also helps in increasing the ranking. 

In the same way, you can also prevent Googlebot from crawling the webpages of your website by using Robots.txt file. So you saw how Googlebot crawls your blog in Search Engine and how it works.

Last Word

Hope you guys like all this information mentioned in this blog post. If yes, then definitely share this blog post on your social media accounts. What is a Googlebot? How many types of Googlebot are there? How does a Googlebot work? How Googlebot helps in crawling and indexing, all information provided. I also hope that after reading this article you will not need to read other articles related to this.


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