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Scientists found treatment for baldness

Thailand scientists found treatment for baldness : You all know that does not write this type of article because this site is dedicated only to Telecom. This information can be a happy information for everyone, so writing is considered appropriate. In the telecom sector, after listening to the tension of the job and the abuses of the boss, the hair of the telecom friends falls very quickly. We all know that a man without hair does not look beautiful, so it is also important for telecom friends to look smart & handsome.

Most telecom engineers do not have hair on their heads as they have tension of saving jobs and listen to the abuses of the boss to save jobs. May have never been happy in a telecom job, but you will definitely be happy to hear the news of treatment of baldness. Thailand scientists have found a treatment for baldness and within a few months this drug is going to come in the market. Read further information about baldness treatment.

treatment for baldness

Treatment for baldness

The problem of hair loss and baldness has been affecting people globally, but Thailand researchers claim that an effective treatment for baldness is now available. These researchers have claimed that the problem of baldness can be relieved with the help of extracts of mangrove trees. This extract is called Avicequinon C and it inhibits the hormones that cause hair loss.

Some researchers from Chulalongkorn University have done these tests on 50 men and women. All these people suffered from androgenic alopecia which is the most common hair loss problem. After this treatment, not only these people saw a decrease in hair loss but also their hair became very strong.

The problem of baldness has always been a major problem of the common people and was till now but will no longer be. Now you will have hair on your head and you will not have to bear the shame of not having hair. Maybe you say again I'm young now. According to research, it is also effective for those who have lost their hair.

A professor associated with this research said that we had taken pictures of every part of people's heads. Apart from this, we also took the help of microscope for hair loss area. We repeated this process for 4 months. After this, we had checked the baldness area of ​​these people and after only one month, there were many positive changes in hair strength. Apart from this, no person was allergic to it.

Talking about this, Professor Wanchai Deeknamkul said that this extract of mangroves is known as Avicennia Marin. It contains the major chemical Avicequinon C. We have found that it has many advantages. First of all, it stops the enzymes that produce hair loss hormones. Apart from this, it also produces such proteins, which results in better hair growth and strength.

The next step of this research will be to do this test on more and more people so that the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand can approve it. A private company has already purchased the patent for this research and this company can manufacture a hair loss product with the help of it. It is believed that this product can come in the market in the next 6 months.

If you think this information is good then share it to your friends too. If you are from Thailand, you are happy, but if you are from another country, then you have to wait for six months. Probably no one will be without hair, now hair will appear on everyone's head.

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