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1662SMC and 1660SM Alcatel SDH and Cards Details

1662SMC and 1660SM Alcatel SDH and Cards Details : In this article, I am trying to write about Alcatel SDH 1662SMC and 1660SM, I will try my best to give you complete information.What is the difference between 1662SMC and 1660SM and which types of cards are used, it will be tried to provide complete information. You will have to read the complete article to get complete information.

Both these versions of the Alcatel SDH 1662SMC and 1660SM are used extensively in the  telecom sector. But what is the difference between 1662SMC and 1660SM, and which slots used for which cards, perhaps this information will not be known to everyone.In this article, I will try to provide all such information to you.
Alcatel SDH 1660SM and 1662SMC cards details
SDH 1660SM and 1662SMC cards details

Type of Alcatel SDH

There are three main types of Alcatel SDH used in the telecom department. First-1662SMC, Second- 1642 and Third- 1660SM. But there are some versions of 1662SMC and 1660SM according to the capacities. I will try to explain the version details by a sketch picture given below.
Alcatel SDH details
Alcatel SDH

Difference Between 1662SMC and 1660SM SDH

1662SMC: Alcatel 1662SMC SDH support upto STM-16,it is compact version-1 and 2. SERGI and CONGI cards used in the SDH 1662SMC. Synth-16 and Synth-4 cards used in SDH 1662SMC. Port cards also used.

1660SM: Alcatel 1660SM support upto STM-64,latest version of SDH 1660SM is 4 and 5. Service and Congi cards used in SDH 1660SM. For cross connection storage used Matrix cards. Cards L-16 2ND used in version-4. Cards O-16ES used in version-5. Access cards also used in this SDH.

Slots and Cards used in SDH 1662SMC

Slots and Cards details of SDH 1662SMC

Access Area-1: Slot 1-5 Host Access cards like- A63E1,A4S1, Congi etc.
Access Area-2 : Slot 16-20 Host Access cards like A63E1,A4S1,Sergi etc.
Port Area (Basic Area) : Slot 6-15 Host port cards like Synth,P4S1,P63E1,etc.

Commonly Used Cards:

A4ES1 : Slots 2,3,4,5,16,17,18,19. It provide 4 STM-1 access for the P4ES1N. For each P4ES1N one A4ES1 is necessary.

CONGI CARD : It is used to control the whole SDH system. It consist of power supply and housekeeping unit. The CONGI card is in slot No.1

Synth 4 Card : This card used to insert the optical signals from the FMS. It consist the optical module it is named as IL-4.2, IL-1.2, IS-1.1 these are called optical modules.There are two Synth cards its inserted in slot no. 6 and 15.

P4S1N Card : This port indicated by P port, S1N indicates STM-1 card.
P63E1 Cards: P indicate port, 63E1 indicates electrical signals.
A63E1-120 : It is a card corresponding to P63E1 card and indicates access area.

LS Port/ HS Port : It is a low speed /high speed protection card. It is used to implement EPS protection i.e. it means this cards implements the connection between the access and spare card. These LS/HS cards receive the signal coming from the access card via back panel

SERGI Cards : This card used as a stand by card for the CONGI Cards.


PORT AREA        Corresponding Access Area

Slot No.7             No.2
Slot No.8             No.3
Slot No.9             No.4
Slot No.10           No.5
Slot No.11           No.16
Slot No.12           No.17
Slot No.13           No.18
Slot No.14           No.19

CONGI Card in Slot No. 1
SERGI card in Slot No. 20
SYNTH card in Slot No. 6 and 15

P63E1 : P63E1 processes 63 2Mbits/s signal whose access area on the relevant access cards A21E1, A63E1

P4ES1N : Handles four electrical STM-1 signals. All four access are on the relevant access card (A4ES1). This card is one of the board that can be EPS protected.

P3E3T3 : P3E3T3 card is a bi-directional interface from /to three PDH stream at 34 Mbits/s or at 45 Mbits/s switchable and the STM-4.

P4E4N : This card describes the same features of P4S1N. Two STM-1 electrical module can be hosted on the board. In this P4E4N there are two further STM-1 modules can be hosted on the access card A2S1

CONGI (1-20) : In Alcatel SDH 1662SMC houses two CONGI cards i.e. CONGI-A and CONGI-B. CONGI-A hold the equip MAC (Media Access Control) and CONGI-B is in the stand by. It's function is power,house keeping and remote alarm,rack lamp (not used in slot-20), QMD Q2 (not used in slot-2). Input/Output BNC Q310 base 2 (not used in slot 20), RJ 45 Q310 base T (not used in slot-20).

SERGI (SL-20) : SERGI card provide reduced combination of CONGI and SERVICE card function.It has power interface,auxillary interface,Input/Output, clock interface for NE synchronization. 

SYNTH 16 (SL-6,15) : SYNTH 16 can be EPS 1+1 protected. Slot No.6 is main for this. Slot No.15 is spare card. SYNTH 16 card is equipped with two ports of module. It is very important to mention here that STM-16 signals can be processed by the SYNTH-16 card.

SYNTH-16 card perform several work like self controller, equipment controller,performance monitoring collection, remote inventry. It is also called as compact ADM-16 card.

LEGEND: It has RESET command key, Channel#1 (N-B).It has also lamp test push botton.

A63E1 : A63E1 is the access card for the P63E1, it means 63 2Mbit/s access card (A63E1) provides the connections from backpanel to the external line and vice versa for the 63PDH signal.

There are three different type of connectors available:

1. A63E1/A : 75 Ohms unbalanced
2. A63E1/B : 120 Ohms balanced
2. A63E1/C : 75Ohms unbalanced with coax.

Channel # 1-7
Channel # 8-14
Channel # 15-21
Channel # 22-28
Channel # 29-35
Channel # 36-42
Channel # 43-49
Channel # 50-56
Channel # 57-63

A2S1 : A2S1 is the access card for the P4S1N and P4E4N port cards. A2S1 can host upto 2 module (Optical STM-1) in the front panel. 

A3E3 : It provide 3 34 Mbit/s access for the P3E3T3
A3T3 : It provide 3 45 Mbit/s access for the P3E3T3 for each P3E3T3 one A3E3,A3T3 is necessary. 

I hope to my friends that this article " 1662SMC and 1660SM Alcatel SDH and Cards Details "will be liked and will be very beneficial for you. If you feel that this information can benefit others, then share it among your friends.Tried to give complete information related to Alcatel 1662SMC and 1660SM, if there is any deficiency then please let me know.

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