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Do you know? Largest Company in the World

Largest Company in the World : Do you know who is the largest company in the world? Today in this article, we will talk about which one is the biggest company in the world and how? Every sector in the whole world is facing downfall and bad situation, but one company created history and reached at top position in the world.

Yes...that company is Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco created history, world's largest company after listing. Yes, Saudi Aramco has become the world's highest-valued company. The valuation of this Saudi Arabian Aramco company has been $ 1.88 trillion.
Largest company in the world
Largest company in the world

How Saudi Aramco created history?

I have already told that Saudi Aramco, the world's leading oil company, has made history. On the Riyadh stock market, Saudi Aramco's shares went up 10 percent from the listing price of the IPO.

With this, it has become the world's highest-valued company and in this case it has left behind giants like Apple and Microsoft. This is certainly great news for the employees working in Aramco. I am saying this because today does not trust jobs in the private sector,but the progress of Aramco is the progress of those who work in it.

How much is the valuation of Saudi Aramco

Shortly after Saudi Aramco entered the stock market, the initial public offering (IPO) reached 10 per cent more than the listing price (the maximum allowed for the same day on the first day). Its shares were listed at 32 riyals, but soon the share price reached 35.2 riyals.

Saudi Aramco world largest company
World largest Company

By the way, the condition of companies of other sectors in Saudi Arabia is not very good. There is a shortage of jobs in Saudi Arabia too and the jobs of those working are also in danger. In such a situation, it is very good news for those working in Saudi Aramco that at present there is no threat to their jobs.

The valuation of this Saudi Arabian state-run company has reached $ 1.88 trillion. In this way, it has become the highest-listed company in the world. However, the share of shares available for trading in it is just 1.5 per cent.

Aramco has raised a record $ 25.6 billion from this IPO. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia wanted the company to get a valuation of around $ 2 trillion and if its shares climbed 10 percent, the valuation could reach this level. 

US giant Apple has a market capitalization of $ 1.2 trillion and Escon Mobile has a market capitalization of $ 300 billion. The listing of Aramco has deepened the local market, which is important for Saudi Arabia's economy. Aramco shares began to be traded only half an hour after the market opened on Saudi Arabia's Tadaul exchange.

13 times bigger company than Reliance

Reliance is the largest company in India with a market capitalization of around Rs 9.90 trillion (lakh crore), according to this, Aramco is 13 times bigger than Reliance, whose valuation in rupees is about 133 lakh crore rupees. 

By the way, Reliance is also moving very fast, it can be expected that very soon it will become the world's first or second company, only this should remain kind to the Government of India.

72 percent of India's GDP

Aramco's valuation of $ 1.88 trillion is a shocking figure considering that India's total GDP is around $ 26 trillion. That is, its valuation is around 72 percent of India's total GDP. Only the name of GDP is left in India now because India's GDP is always falling, so India can only be shocked by seeing the other's GDP.

In a few days India's GDP will be at the top level from below, because Indian economy going towards ICU but nobody cares about it.

I want to tell you that about 10 percent of the world's crude oil is produced by Aramco and it has been the world's highest profit making company in the year 2018. In terms of earnings, it has overtaken companies like American giant Apple Inc., Escon Mobile. Last year, the company earned $ 111.1 billion.

Lastly, let me also tell you that, the 5 top companies in the world by valuation.
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