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Careful: A phone call can end your life

A phone call can end your life: Yes, you read right that a phone call can end your life.I also got this thing a lie earlier but after making a detailed inquiry it was found that this is true,that's why my obligation is to make this thing accessible to our readers.This nine digit phone call can end your life in a moment tf you do not take care when receiving the phone.
We are living in a world where humans have become an enemy of humanity.Previously computer software or your mobile software was corrupted by the virus but the man did not get the satisfaction by corrupt your computer & mobile by the virus.Now you are being killed by the phone call virus.When you receive a call on your mobile, be sure to see the incoming call number, without properly viewing don't attend the the call.
A phone call can end your life
Phone call-777888999

How a phone call can end your life?

It is absolutely true that human in this age has become an enemy of human.For some selfishness, a person do not hesitating in killing any innocent person.It does not understand what is getting to kill an innocent person by calling nine digits mobile number 777888999.

This nine digit mobile number-777888999 has a very strong virus, the mobile will blast as soon as you receive it.It will be a strong blast that can fully harm your hand, face or you may also end your life.You can also say this number 777888999 is the death number.It has been reported that 10 people have died in the country due to receiving calls from this number 777888999.

We all know that the common mobile number is 10 digits but this death bell number is only nine digits.This call is coming to India, Pakistan and other countries of Asia, but slowly spreading all over the world. Anyone's death can ring anytime so you are from any country. Be careful.

If you understood this as false news and did not pay attention to this, then you will put yourself in jeopardy.Take care yourself and your relative,friends and family before an unwanted event occurs and send this message to your friends.

Lot of panic of 777888999 in India, Pakistan

This news is spreading fast in India, Pakistan,philippines and UAE and people are in panic.India's news channel has also telecast this news,please find the below image.
reality of death number 777888999 on ABP news
ABP news-death number 777888999

People are being warned by Asia's news channel, do not receive calls from this 777888999 number.I have also understood it as necessary to share it with my friends.Now you also need to share with your friends.I have done my duty, will you do your duty?

Be careful about the 777888999 number of deaths and instruct others to be careful too.Remember, you can get rid of life after receiving a call from this number.You will not get a chance to think again or be careful.It will not bell the call on your mobile, you will have the death bell. Again remember death bell-777888999.

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