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Friday, January 18, 2019

Best Practices for Microwave Radio Fault Rectification

Best Practices for Microwave Radio Fault Rectification: We all know that microwave transmission is the transmission of information by microwave radio waves. Microwave widely used for point to point communication. It is wireless transmission of information.I am writing about the microwave fault rectification so I would like to explain the properties of microwave link. Microwave link involve Line Of Sight (LOS) communication technology. 
LOS play a very important role in microwave radio communication. It also affected greatly by environmental constraints including rain fade. Microwave have very limited penetration capabilities through any obstacle like hill,buildings,trees. Microwave signal can be degraded during solar proton events. The calculated 99.9% availability rate means that the link may be down for a cumulative total of ten or more hours per year as the peaks of rain storms pass over the area. You can READ MORE" Factors Affecting the Behavior of Microwave
Best Practices for Microwave Radio  Fault Rectification
Microwave Radio Fault Rectification
Microwave fault Rectification during site visit

There are many factors affecting the behavior of microwave radio communication like reflection, refraction, scattering, diffraction, absorption, ducting, Earth curvature, fresnol zone, free space path loss (dispersion), fading etc. Matter is that how to fix the microwave radio fault if there is a problem due to any reason? Today I will explain how to rectify the fault of microwave antenna.

Before going to any site, Ensure you are equipped with

i. Microwave Tool Kit . ii. Electronic Spares. iii. General spare (connector, RF cables ,Fuses etc..), Laptop and Config Cables.iv. Confirm access to site. v. Safety Tools vi. Site NDD , AT results & FLER of sites in your area to be available in Laptop for Quick reference . vii. All labels/stickers (hard and soft copy) viii. Make sure the availability of Rigger. ix. Light source (Torch) is available in Toolkit.

For Antenna misallignment failure teams along with rigger to be made available at both ends of link. For fault in link which is invisible to NNOC two teams to mobilize for both ends of link.

Common practices to be followed  during Faults Resolution 
Login to IDU: 
Before logins to IDU inform NNOC . 
Note down all the performance related parameters of near and far end such as 
TX power, 
RSL value 
TX/RX Frequency(or Channel No.   
Urgent alarms observed. 

Replacement of ODU: 
Before Removing the ODU make sure for the Following conditions. 
Do not Remove the IF cable during  NE power on condition. 
Switch off the IDU . 
Remove the weather proofing on IF cable connector properly 
Remove the IF cable at ODU end . Cover the IF cable connector with insulation tape/IF cable connector cap if available to avoid damage to connector. 
Loosen the bolts of ODU with the help of proper size of L-  N keys, Do not use screw driver / Player  it will damage the bolt grip. 
While removing the ODU make sure the O-Ring is secured properly.Also seal the ODU wave guide opening with wave guide cap .
Ensure O-Ring is Re-Tight and weather proofing of IF cable connector  is done properly 
Replace the faulty ODU with the new ODU make sure it is tightened with L-N keys

Replacement of IDU : 
Login to IDU Note all the parameter as mentioned earlier. 
Switch off the IDU  by ON/OFF button as shown in previous slide. 
Remove the IF cable connector at IDU  end,D-type connector, earthing cable and power cable connector Molex type. 
Loosen  the screws and remove the IDU. 
Replace with new IDU  restore all the hardware connection removed during step-iii,switch On the IDU wait for warm-up time .login to the IDU put all the parameter of old IDU. 
Before leaving the site make sure the RSL value is restored  and  the traffics are restored to normal. 
Ensure Visibility of complete path to NNOC

Replacement of IF cable :
Apply for the PE  and complete the routing of IF cable in Day time to avoid the  damage of cable in night. 
If  possible and connector is available make the connector at ODU and IDU end in day time and check the cable shorting and measure the VSWR  reading of  IF cable. connector must be covered with cap or sealed with insulation tap to avoid damage. 
Before replacing IF cable switch off  the IDU 
Remove the weather proofing at ODU end . 
Replace the new cable . connect at IDU , Surge Arrestor  and ODU end . do proper weather proofing at ODU end . 
Remove the IF cable connector if it is in good condition and can be reused. 

Replacement of IF cable connector :
At IDU end : Switch off the IDU and then remove the connector and replace with the new connector . 
AT ODU end: switch off the IDU , remove the weather proofing and then replace the connector check the shorting of connector if any. 
Do the re-weather proofing . 
Do not apply excessive force while fixing connector.It may damage the threads of female connector / IDU /ODU 
Switch on the IDU and verify for all the parameters  before leaving the site. 

Reseting IDU/ NE 
Never give hard reset to the IDU or other element. 
Try to login into the IDU if possible, capture all the alarm and other performance parameters. 
Verify other  factors which may cause IDU  hang such as earthing ,Power Fluctuations/SMPS problem / due to other network interface. 
If  all other factors are found normal, then hard reset can be given to IDU . 
Note down details of alarm observed during faults. 
Try to capture Logs.
Forward detailed observation during fault condition NE Hang Tracking Sheet  to NHQ O&M to determine exact root cause.

Antenna Misallignment  
Ensure availability of  two teams at both ends of link to reduce MTTR.
At each station, adjust azimuth and elevation angle for the antenna direction alternately so that the voltage measuring value becomes maximum Check RSL as per FLER.
Marking  aligned positions of  Antenna and pole mount with visible & durable color. 
Pole mount inspections to be carried out  & corrections  must be done immediately if  abnormality/ design deviation found. 
During tightening  set appropriate value on  torque wrench  as per specification to check the tightness of  Pole mount and Antenna mount bolts. 
Check for availability of working platform and extension platform as per  design. 
Make sure that Pole mount used is of new design and as per REAL drawing and specifications. 

I have explain best solution of microwave radio fault rectification,If you follow all mentioned steps, then you can easily rectify the fault of microwave radio antenna.Microwave Antenna Fault sometimes makes much trouble So I have prepared these microwave radio fault rectification notes for you.I hope you will take advantage of this notes.If you like this notes "Best Practices for Microwave Radio Fault Rectification", please comment,subscribe my page and share it.


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