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India consumes most mobile data per month worldwide

Posted By: technopediasite
with consumption of 150 crore gigabytes of mobile data per month, india is now the number one country in the world in mobile data consumption, niti aayog ceo amitabh kant said on friday.

"amazing! this is not to be happy, it also shows how many useless people in india are engaged only on the internet. people who cannot write their name in real life also use the internet. with 150 crore gigabytes per month of mobile data consumption, india is now world's number one mobile data consuming country. its mobile data consumption is higher than that of the usa and china put together," kant tweeted. indians say thanks to jio. we can say it is possible only due to jio.

status of telecom employee in india
there is no technical point in this post, but how was the circumstances in the telecom sector between 2001 and 2018,  i want to write all this about how to change the color telecom companies  like chameleon, i want to share all these things. employees got more respect in telecom companies but later got more bad reputation. telecom companies was at their full young stage. at that time special commissioners came to commission an ultra-bts. often the engineers were hiring from another country and they come and go by airplane only for commissioning a bts.

but slowly this show is finished. labor and technician started commissioning a bts. and in this way the job lining in telecom fell. once a telecom company sets up a network, it can earn money from that network for more than 20 years. once the investment can be earned for such a long time, then why did the telecom operators initially take cost for receiving calls? have telecom companies got money wrongly with people? let's assume that at the beginning of all the cost of everything was high, the network set-up/installation & commissioning  was too expensive, but the cost of receiving calls was not well in any way. today, the same network companies are sim distributing in free of cost, it offers various types of offers, making every possible customer.

is telecom sector in bad conditions? according to a survey, the job is very less secure in the telecom sector. jobs in the telecom sector are always in danger. maybe a lot of people do not agree with this, but this is often true. in some countries, 24 hour work is done from telecom field engineers, but they get threatened repeatedly to get out of the job. the company leave only shows in the paper but employees do not get the leave, if apply for leave, it starts talking about getting out of the job. there is no overtime on working 24hrs. a field engineer work instead of 4 persons, but no any rewards for him. if a single mistake occurs by field engineer instantly they have terminated from the job. from the top to the bottom, this is the same in the telecom sector. this is also the case with telecom engineers in india. but users don’t know the reality that how is the internet network delivered to them
initially the bts site was kept as a bridegroom. all telecom companies on 2g network have been doing very good maintenance, it still happens but the way telecom was first created, it is not like that today. earlier 24 hours ac was on, the equipment was saved from the dust. opening the door of the site was also feel scared, but today the door remains open. no more salary in telecom sector in india. telecom companies have already made such atmosphere that all of them have to work in this atmosphere. go ahead indian telecom companies….

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