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Makeup for black women and European brides

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It's a special tips from, it is collected from DUABI (UAE) a very famous beauty parlor.It is perfect & very easy makeup tips for makeup for black women. You can do at home without any help of beautician. Apply this tips at your home at less cost. 

Makeup for black women

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How to apply makeup for dark skin or makeup for black women tones. After cleaning the skin a moisturizer and primer were used. Concealor was then applied on the upper and lower eyelid where eye shadow will be applied followed by translucent powder. Brown color eye shadow was used on the upper eyelid as a transition color along with a bright orange color. Platinum gold eye shadow was then used on the corner of the eyes. Next pink eye shadow was applied in the middle and blended with the orange color eye shadow applied on the outer corner. A pink lip pencil was used on top of the pink eye shadow. On the bottom lid orange eye shadow is applied using a small brush followed by black gel. Black eye pencil is then used on the water line. Mascara is then applied and the eyebrows are made using an eyebrow palette. After the eye makeup was complete, concealor and foundation were applied as per the skin tone followed by a translucent coffee colored powder on the oily areas. A dark pink or brown blush was applied on the cheeks along with a bronze highlighter which is cream based. The lips were then lined and a clear lip gloss was applied.

Makeup for European brides

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How to apply makeup for European brides. After cleaning the skin the first thing to be applied was a skin smoothing cream mixed with a bit of an illuminator followed by some lip balm. A base was then applied on the eyes followed by a golden and purple eye shadow on the crease. The base is also applied on the lower eyelid after which a transitional color was used. A light purple eye shadow was chosen and applied on the crease and bottom eyelid. Next, a deep purple eye shadow was applied on the outer corner and crease after which a peachy golden color was applied on the full eyelid. Concealor was the used near the brows to the eyebrows and a light colored eye shadow was applied on top of the concealor. Next eyeliner was applied followed by small separate pieces of false lashes in the corner of the eyes. Mascara was applied and the eyebrows were done using an appropriate shade from the eyebrow palette. After the eyes were done, concealor was applied under the eyes followed by a full coverage foundation. Translucent powder was then applied along with a dark colored powder for contouring. A light pink blush was chosen and applied on the cheeks. Highlighter was then applied on the cheek bones. The same highlighter was then mixed with some eye shadow and applied on the corner of the eyes. Lastly, a light pink lipstick was chosen and applied followed by a lip gloss.

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