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Religious Fasting by Jesus

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Religious Fasting by Jesus

Jesus practiced fasting when He was tempted by Satan.During these tumultuous 40 days of loneliness, satanic attack, and the presence of wild beasts, “He ate nothing” But was this a fast? Luke did not use the word “fasting,” but Matthew did. He used the aorist participle nhsteuvsa” meaning of "nhsteiva" is “hunger” or similar words such as “starving” or “gone without food.”

As per so many religious books Jesus never commanded fasting or propounded any detailed regulations concerning the practice. But I think that it is incomplete information or something hidden. Jesus dealt with what some have referred to as the three pillars of Jewish piety: almsgiving, prayer, and fasting. Some people argue with their mind that very little space is devoted to almsgiving and fasting so it is not more important.

Given the understanding that fasting draws a person closer to God for help, and considering the substantial physical stresses that Jesus faced on a daily basis, it would not be surprising if Jesus fasted regularly, even though it is not recorded. As disciples of Jesus Christ, fasting is a spiritual tool that we can and should use to strengthen our relationship with God.

It is mentioned in Islamic book Quraan “O ye who believe! fasting is prescribed for you (God saying to prophet Mohammed), as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard against evil.”  (Al Quran 2:184). It prove that fasting is not only for Muslim messenger prophet Mohammed, it was (fasting) also for prescribed for those before prophet Mohammed. 

If any one will try to study of unchanged religious books they can find the fact that Jesus taught the same religion that had been presented by Moses and the other Prophets is supported even by the existing Gospels. For example, according to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus declared in the Sermon on the Mount: "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill."

Three things are similar in approx all messengers(as much as we know) almsgiving, prayer, and fasting. 

"By fasting, giving up physical food and water, Jesus demonstrated His faith in the fact that true nourishment comes from God.But half of the incomplete knowledge of religious persons will talk differently that it is not very important & forcely not told by Jesus".

But here I want to told that if you believe in God, "Believe Complete in God & his Messenger". If not... then no need to believe incomplete.Don't change the God's rule according to our wish.

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